Making authentic leadership easy*Making authentic leadership easy*

The My Persona Process uses a combination of marketing and positioning tools and coaching and counselling tools

We act as a catalyst, enhancing the leadership pipeline in organisations. Our passion is to nurture authentic leaders who make a relevant impact. We use a personalised, practical approach that works on strengths and beliefs. Resulting in inspiring leaders, who operate from an individual unique differentiator, while making a visible difference.

Authentic Leadership with a Balance of Inner Calm and Outer Poise*

For true impact, My Persona partners with clients. Deep engagement and understanding help us curate programs that create transformation in organisations.

Customised and curated
for each organisation

Interactive and

Reflective and
thought provoking

Facilitated with a
coaching approach

Extended Programs

Change is a journey. Our extended programs are designed to deep dive into personal beliefs and facilitate transformative and authentic leadership. Inspiring self, while inspiring others. These programs range from 5-12 months duration and are a combination of facilitation through workshops, skills labs and coaching.

Energiser programs

We all need a change of pace, fresh insights, perspectives and space to add dimensions to our thinking. Our Energiser programs give leaders an opportunity to step away for a short while, rejuvenate and recharge. The program duration varies from 120 minutes to multiple half day sessions.

One on One Coaching

Designed to meet Individual goals, includes detailed 360° Feedback, 3 way discussions with managers, 6-9 coaching sessions over a period of 7-9 months.