The My Persona Journey
  • Recognize & Acknowledge

    The process of discovery begins here. The My Persona program uses tools to uncover the true you, in different dimensions and with great depth. We assist introspection, do detailed feedback analysis and discover strengths, beliefs and perceptions.

  • Differentiate & Celebrate

    You then break through self-limiting barriers to appreciate and share your authentic and unique personal brand with the world.

  • Impact & Influence

    By matching your persona to the needs of self, organization and stakeholders, you truly start making relevant impact.

A unique transformation process

that helps you recognize your beliefs and achieve real change.
My Persona Programs

Ours is not a one-size fits-all approach. Each program is customized to meet unique organizational challenges and to create effective outcomes. We help create a personal action plan that is relevant.

  • 1. Extended Engagement

    A four-month long engagement covering pre-work analysis, two-day customized workshop and one-on-one coaching to ensure personalized success.

    • Differentiated Leadership & Executive Presence
    • Effective Communication for Impactful Interactions
  • 2. Energizer Programs

    Short and engaging one-day interventions, followed by a skills lab (virtual/in-person). Some topics:

    • Impact and Influence
    • Crafting Your Personal Brand
    • Stakeholder and Perception Management
    • Sharpen Your Leadership Presence
  • 3. One-on-one Coaching

    An executive coaching engagement with a certified My Persona facilitator, that is highly personalized and impactful. With a minimum of 6 coaching sessions, including feedback analysis and reviews, the program is designed to work on specific leadership challenges like:

    • Change Management
    • Executive Presence
    • Communication Impact
Meet our personas

The My Persona team uses a unique combination of marketing and positioning tools, combined with coaching and counselling tools. Story-tellers who partner with you to weave successful stories.

  • Supriya Padmanabhan

    Managing Partner  (View Full Profile)

    Supriya redefines impact and communication at My Persona by facilitating expression and impactful interaction. With over 20 years in the field of communication, Supriya has constantly worked at creatively helping teams and individuals improve self-expression and change attitudes. In her quest to understand the language of the mind, Supriya is recognized for her ability to energize and connect with people and enhance the art of Effective Expression.

  • Anita Gupta

    Managing Partner  (View Full Profile)

    Anita enhances impact and transformation at My Persona. With the experience of being a Hi-impact leader in the advertising world, she sharpens leadership presence in individuals. With over 30 years of experience in brand building and people management, Anita has combined her innate ability to get to the root of a problem and to mentor leaders. She is recognized for her empathetic and effective Executive Coaching skill.

  • Freddy Koikaran

    Associate Facilitator

    With his experience in music and theatre, Freddy enjoys bringing stories to life in his training sessions. He considers it an opportunity to relate with participants on an experience level, creating a lasting impact. At My Persona, he enhances communication and connection.

  • Sathyajith Krishnan

    General Manager

    In his work, Sathyajith has had the experience influencing teams through facilitation and training. He continues to discover methodologies to help him energize and enhance knowledge with the people he works with, with an eye on the bottom line. Sathyajith brings the expertise of Process Management and Human Behavioural Engineering to the My Persona team.

Client speak

“My Persona coaching helped me: Be.. seen as delegating more and giving strategic inputs; better listener - less outbursts; managing a major merger confidently; created challenge into opportunity, learnt new skills of impactful interactions; confidence booster.”

“The richness of sharing the collective feedback, resulted in believing in myself! Coaching approached hidden layers that touched the beliefs that were once powerful but were now clipping my wings.”

“The process of identifying one’s own strengths and positioning it in the organisation by questioning one’s beliefs and value system was unique.”

“My Persona: it was important to nail down the change I want to see in myself; identified the opportunity from a strategic angle - starting with industry/company/my unit/my boss and so on.”

Case Study


Ram is a role model employee who is an ideas person. His manager feels he needs to delegate more, improve bonding with the team and create a connect as he is perceived to be opinionated.

Today Ram is seen as a knowledge repository who shares knowledge through training in small groups. He has improved team output, by building a rapport and understanding needs and aspirations, through one-on-one discussions.


K. K is great with delivery and extremely down to earth, but personally stressed with too much on his plate. He believes to have it done right, he has to do it himself.

K. K recognises delegating as a part of learning and has created a succession plan. K. K is seen as an effective role model.


Premila has the largest portfolio in an organisation with a huge banner but is seen as risk averse and does not respond to competition well. She is perceived to be docile.

MD now sees her as the COE of delivery. Peers are inspired and are looking to collaborate and model Premila's style of work.

    Some of our clients who have experienced My Persona

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