i can be better

It is true- I can, I could, I should, I will…but today I’m not quite there yet.

Not my fault. A school teacher planted the thought in my head.

”Is capable of much more”, “Can achieve more with systematic work”, “Has the potential; must apply attention” etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

You remember right? Most of us have seen this at some time, in some report card.

Then we heard it from other voices of authority. ”I know you can do better”, “I know I taught you better”, “ Let’s concentrate on those gaps”, “You are just being lazy”: You can if you want to” and on and on…

Today, I coach several people who grew up hearing this. Normal, hard working, successful people. People, who grew up working toward an idea of success. Still stressing about what they can achieve. Without stopping for a millisecond to celebrate what they have achieved! People in everyday walks of life, whose relevance to the world they function in, far outweighs the image they have of their own deficiency.

Oh! The stress of reaching that ideal spot. I need to be the perfect me, the one who lives up to my full potential, the one who is operating at optimum levels at all times. What if today I could finally achieve that?

As my father would say. “Pshaw! Hogwash!”

What if…

What if we went to sleep each night feeling content. Knowing that we have done the best we could – today. With the knowledge & wisdom that we had today. Would we wake up with a spring in our steps- looking forward to bettering our best? Using what we have to our full potential?

Instead, we wake up tired and heavy, knowing in our heart of hearts that we will once again disappoint- someone else, definitely ourselves.

(The former may be similar to children from the non-competitive alternative schools of education. The latter are products of our traditional board curriculum and exams. “”I am what my report card says”.)

What if we gave children tuition in the subjects they love, not the ones they are weak in? Would we have more creativity, milestones & breakthroughs to celebrate?

What if we spent money educating our coaches and teachers on creating connections, between concepts, between children, between life and theory? (or just writing relevant & meaningful report cards!)

What if I operated from strengths I have. What if I did not spend an entire lifetime believing I am half of what I could be, should be, must be?

What if each of us woke up every morning, recognizing our uniqueness, that essence that is true only to us..and met the world with joy.

What if we began each day thinking “I am worthy and I can bring something to the table!”?

While I ponder this long list of what ifs my thoughts are interrupted “Stop dreaming. You can do better”

What if I can stop that voice in my head?

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