Sacrificial Parenting

Now that all the Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Cousin’s day and other days’ furor has died down…I can post the thoughts I had at the time.

Let’s take Mother’s Day as an example
Everyone has remembered mom. Thanked her for all her sacrifice. “….picking up my clothes, keeping me on the right path, loving me even though I was the devil incarnate…” and so on..
True- most mom’s do that, have done that, will do that. So do dads, husbands, wives, siblings, teachers- at some point of time in our lives

Why should Mother’s Day – or any other day be about martyrdom?
It should be about a celebration of life!

If I keep remembering what my mother gave up for me that means my mother could have been so much more if it wasn’t for me. What a horrible thought.
I love my mother. She rocks and her life is complete because that’s how she lives it. Not a day in regret, not a minute wasted. In her quiet, genteel manner she lives life King size.
That’s what I would like to remember.

And I am sure all the moms out there would like their children to have joyful memories of them. Not memories filled with regret.

There was a distinct difference in the Facebook sentiments of the younger generation. My nieces and friends’ children posted simple acknowledgement and gratitude.
In effect they said “..Mom you rock!” Thanks…”

Don’t get me wrong.
Our mom’s have sacrificed. We do too. Our dads and husbands have sacrificed too. But puhlease- let’s not make parenting about sacrificing.

Parenting is about creating experiences and memories.
Parenting is about Joy. Love. Connection, Celebration.

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