Our Why

To make Authentic Leadership easy, by facilitating
inner transformation, connection with others and
impactful relevance.

Our How

Deep Engagement, Inspiring Leadership, Visible Impact.

Our What

Strengths, Beliefs and Relevance. Our 3 favorite words - the pillars on which My Persona programs are curated.

For authentic leadership,
we need a balance
between our Inner Calm
and our Outer Poise.

Our Facilitators

& Coaches have

Decades of experience running successful businesses

Multiple domain expertise helping build brands and businesses acrossmultiple categories

Intensive learning and sensitivity in coaching, facilitation and counselling

Coaching strengths, letting go of perceived weaknesses

Imagine a world where we were encouraged to spend time on our strengths rather than trying to ‘fix’ our weaknesses. All My Persona programs are designed to recognise and celebrate our strengths, making weaknesses irrelevant.

If we can mindfully operate from strength that goes beyond our expertise and functional knowledge, we can operate with Inner Poise.

Creating ‘aha’ moments

Our most meaningful work has come when we help you create those ‘aha’ moments. To see a visible difference and outer poise we sometimes need to change our attitudes and behaviors. Our mind is powerful and we operate from deep rooted beliefs.

Change in attitudes and behaviors requires us to recognise and sometimes, reframe our beliefs. To be able to truly celebrate our uniqueness and make change meaningful, we have to feel relevant - to ourselves and to the world. That is when we feel purposeful.

What got you here, won’t get you there”
- Marshall Goldsmith