Leadership Persona

Focussed and passionate leaders, who establish their leadership presence, by operating from an individual unique differentiator. Evolving relevance to their stakeholders and their environment while making a visible difference.


  • Agility to change: with vulnerability and empathy

  • Increased emotional management: Change from authority and aggression to assertive and collaborative

  • Transactional to Strategic



In a “Communication – Saturated” World, a leader that connects well, creates high impact with relevance. This program is designed to make every kind of interaction impactful


  • Confidence and conviction: Leaders who connect with high impact and clarity and are able to be a collaborative and creative influence.

  • Connection and empathy: Conversations with a new perspective of who is listening and where the real value of a conversation lies.

  • Creativity and simplicity: Enhanced delivery and presentation of thoughts, emotions, opinions and data.



To be able to feel comfortable and confident when in the spotlight the need is to be able to meet situations with gravitas and poise. Which calls for inner balance and outer poise


  • Presence and gravitas: Brand Ambassadors who self lead to impact the business.

  • Candor with connection: Handle dissention & digression, with a more relaxed style of communication and increased listening.

  • Relevance and Contribution: Increased group responsiveness. create succession pipelines, reduced micromanagement, perceptive stakeholder management.

  • Influencers who are able to let go of restricting biases, and are open to new ideas and opinions.

Women's Leadership


Breaking barriers and building bridges to change the landscape of leadership beyond gender stereotypes


  • Celebrating uniqueness, transforming ‘weakness’ to strengths

  • Liberation from self-limiting beliefs, recognizing, reframing or celebrating biases, expressing with relevance and clarity

  • Planning ahead and partnering for growth



Moving beyond arguments, from egocentric to eco-centric conversations that add to psychological safety. Conversations that inspire ownership and enable agility for co-creation.


  • Embrace one’s vulnerability to be able to show curiosity for others’ opinions and perspectives.

  • Enhance listening without bias and respect divergent opinions.

  • Recognize ‘purpose’ instead of getting ‘personal’

  • Exploring conversations with compassion that inspire and encourage self-resolution.

The Connected


Facilitating the shift from reactive to responsive.


  • Deep self-awareness: Understanding our own inner dialogue add conflict responses.

  • Situational relevance with clarity and creativity in messaging.

  • Creating dialogue: To be aware of talking ‘with’ people and not ‘at’ them.